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18th century Performance and Censorship EL2532 Module
20th Century Ghosts: Theatre, Time, Identities DR2130 Module
Acting Foundations MT1904 Module
Adaptation: Page to Performance EL7300 Module
Adapting Crime Fictions CW3220 Module
Advanced Cinematography FP3000 Module
Advanced Fictional Writing (occurrence A) CW3214A Module
Advanced Fictional Writing (occurrence B) CW3214B Module
Advanced Post Production FC3903 Module
Advanced Project TP3005 Module
Advanced Screenwriting FP3004 Module
Advanced Studio Reporting MP3308 Module
Advertising and Branding MS2907 Module
African America AM3521 Module
After Proust: Memory in Literature EL7301 Module
America and Americanisation AM1203 Module
American Conspiracies AM3512 Module
American Crime Fiction AM3703 Module
American Genres AM1205 Module
American Gothic AM2302 Module
American Modernity AM2301 Module
American Science Fiction AM2502 Module
American Women's Culture in the Nineteenth Century AM3901 Module
American Women's Culture in the Nineteenth Century AM2602 Module
Analysing Discourse EN2021 Module
Analysing Journalism JM2500 Module
Animated Shorts FP3009 Module
Animation FS3623 Module
Animation and Modern Graphics MP2215 Module
Applied Stage Management and Technical Theatre TP2000 Module
Approaches to Film FS2312 Module
Approaches to Language Study EN1001 Module
Audio Culture MS3919 Module
Audio: Recording Skills MP1012 Module
B-Movies FS2435 Module
Biography and the Body EL3055 Module
Biography and the Body EL3042 Module
Body Parts DR3117 Module
British Cinema: Comedy, Realism and the Imaginary FS2502 Module
British Theatre DR3155 Module
Camera and Lighting FP1002 Module
Celebrity Culture MC3004 Module
Chaucer and His World EL2401 Module
Children's Literature and Young Adult Fiction EL2534 Module
Choreography DA2909 Module
Cinematography FC2301 Module
Cinematography and Production Design MP2214 Module
Civil Rights Immersive Study AM3900 Module
Claiming the Truth - Documentary Films JM3905 Module
Classical Hollywood Cinema FS2321 Module
Cognitive Linguistics LG2007 Module
Cognitive Stylistics EN3031 Module
Collaborative Project DPA3002 Module
Community Media MS2906 Module
Composing Song Lyrics CW2104 Module
Consuming and Regulating Media MS3901 Module
Contemporary Culture: Postmodernism MS3920 Module
Contemporary European Cinema FS2315 Module
Contemporary Fiction CW7130 Module
Contemporary Gothic EL7302 Module
Contemporary Non-Fiction CW7131 Module
Contemporary Scriptwriting for TV and Film CW7132 Module
Crafted Text EN3021 Module
Creating Short Screenplays FC1903 Module
Creating Short Screenplays CW2105 Module
Creative Devising Project MT1908 Module
Creative Entrepreneurship and Production (DR/PA/SA) DPA3001DRPASA Module
Creative Music Production MD2001 Module
Creative Non-fiction CW1103 Module
Creative Non-Fiction for Children CW3207 Module
Creative Post Production FP3008 Module
Creative Practice and Critical Thinking PA1400 Module
Creative Video Practice MP1011 Module
Creative Vigilance: Fictions and Metafiction CW3102 Module
Creative Visions CW3217 Module
Creative Voice CW1105 Module
Creative Voice II CW2207 Module
Creative Voice III CW3204 Module
Creativity CW1109 Module
Creativity Writing and Teaching PW3216 Module
Crime, Media, Culture MS3903 Module
Critical Reading 1 EL1505 Module
Critical Viewing DR1901 Module
Culture, Industry and Context MP1017 Module
Current Affairs EN1006_LG1005 Module
Dance Perspectives DA2910 Module
Dance Repertoire Project DA1904 Module
Dark Side of the Net MC3003 Module
Developing the Voice MT2900 Module
Devising Production Project DR1904 Module
Digital America AM1220 Module
Digital Distribution FC2113 Module
Digital Music MD1005 Module
Digital Performance DPA2001 Module
Digital Reporting (1) JM2904 Module
Digital Reporting (2) JM2905 Module
Digital Reporting (3) JM3908 Module
Directed Performance PA3401 Module
Directing Drama: Master Filmmakers FP2001 Module
Directing: Framing Ideology FP3005 Module
Discontent Down Under: Gender, Racism, Change and Loss in Australian Cinema FS3629 Module
Discourse Analysis EN2063_LG2005 Module
Dissertation EN3001A Module
Dissertation LG3002 Module
Dissertation EL3002A Module
Dissertation AM3002A_AH3002 Module
Dissertation (core) EL7303 Module
Dissertation (CRW option) EL3003A Module
Documentary and Non-Fiction MP2207 Module
Documentary and Non-Fiction Film FS3516 Module
Documentary and Photojournalism JM3103 Module
Documentary Production FC1902 Module
Drama and Theatre in Education DR2134 Module
Drama Production MP2213 Module
Drama Year 1: Performance Analysis DR1907 Module
Dramaturgy: Analysis and Creative Development (PA/CO/TC) DPA2000PACOTC Module
Drugs, Media and Culture MS3905 Module
Editing FP2002 Module
Editing and Sound FP1003 Module
Eighteenth-Century Romanticism EL2403A Module
English and the World EN3043 Module
English on the Periphery? EN3042 Module
Essentials of Advertising Design AD1000 Module
Ethnography EN3052 Module
Exploring Media Theory MS2900 Module
Extended Creative Project CW3002_PW3007 Module
Extended Independent Project DR3150 Module
Extended Independent Study MT3902 Module
Extended Independent Study PA3400 Module
Extended Scene Study MT1909 Module
Extending the Voice MT3904 Module
Fairy Tale Fictions CW2220 Module
Fantastic Fiction for Children CW7003 Module
Fantasy, Desire and Sexuality MS3906 Module
Feature Writing JM2501 Module
Fiction for children CW7002 Module
Fiction for Children CW2103 Module
Fictional Writing CW1101 Module
Film Criticism FS1161 Module
Film Form, History and Culture FS1400 Module
Film Narrative FS1162 Module
Film Sound FP2003 Module
Film Studies and Production EIS FS3602 Module
Film Studies Dissertation FS3002A Module
Final Major Music Production / Performance Project MD3000 Module
Final Major Project FC3002A Module
Final Major Project MP3302 Module
Forensic Linguistics EN2052_LG2012 Module
Gangster and Crime Film FS2501 Module
Gender and Sexuality EN7010 Module
Genre Filmmaking FP1001 Module
Globalisation and Contemporary Fiction EL3521 Module
Gothic and Romantic Fiction EL2504A Module
Gothic Film FS3633 Module
Group Project DR3022 Module
Guerrilla Recording MD1003 Module
Health and Disease in Literature EL7304 Module
Histories and Contexts (MT) DPA1000MT Module
Histories and Contexts (PA) DPA1000PA Module
History and Context of Journalism (1) JM1902 Module
History and Context of Journalism (2) JM1903 Module
History of the English Language LG1003 Module
History of the English Language EN1012_LG1003 Module
Horror Fiction CW2224 Module
Identity in Contemporary Film AM3505 Module
Ideology and Semiotics EN3062 Module
Image Creation and Manipulation MP1014 Module
Industry Studies TP1006 Module
Interactive and Experimental Fiction PW2010 Module
Interactive Sound and Music MP2217 Module
Intertextuality EL1509 Module
Introduction to American Studies AM1111 Module
Introduction to American Studies II AM1212 Module
Introduction to Design Thinking MC1004 Module
Introduction to English Studies EL1502 Module
Introduction to Journalism JM1900 Module
Introduction To Journalism JM1906 Module
Introduction to Media, Culture and Society MC1006 Module
Introduction to Musical Theatre MT1903 Module
Introduction to Poetry EL1508 Module
Introduction to TV Studio FP2008 Module
Jewish Identities EL3504 Module
Journalism: Digital and Social Media JM2902 Module
Journalism: Digital and Social Media JM2906 Module
Journalism: Politics, Representation and Participation JM2907 Module
Journalism: Politics, Representation and Participation JM2903 Module
Key Concepts in Media and Communication MC1000 Module
Killer Films FS3634 Module
Language Acquisition EN2051_LG2010 Module
Language and Identity EN2042 Module
Language and Politics EN7014 Module
Language and the Media EN2061 Module
Language and the Mind EN2031_LG2006 Module
Language Crimes EN3053_LG3005 Module
Language CSI EN1005_LG1004 Module
Language Death, Revival and Change EN3041 Module
Language Writing Reading CW1108 Module
Life Writing and Biography PW2218 Module
Literary Adaptations EL3812 Module
Literature and Film AM2504 Module
Literature and Psychoanalysis EL3524 Module
Literature and the Body EL7306 Module
Literature in Context EL1802 Module
Literature, Sexuality and Morality EL3506A Module
Live Events MP2212 Module
Longform Journalism JM1907 Module
MA English Literature MAENGLIT Course
Major Project / Documentary JM3900 Module
Major Project in Journalism JM3909 Module
Making (DR) DPA1001DR Module
Making (PA) DPA1001PA Module
Managing and Marketing TP2001 Module
Manipulating Media MC1002 Module
Marketing and Advertising MP1018 Module
Material Texts EN7013 Module
Media Campaign Management MS2909 Module
Media in the 21st Century MC1007 Module
Media Law JM1904 Module
Media Law Update JM3903 Module
Media Skills MP1009 Module
Media Skills 2 MP1010 Module
Media Solutions MS3909 Module
Media Spectacles MS3910 Module
Media Writing PW2213 Module
Methodologies in Media Research MS2902 Module
Mixed Methods Research EN7002 Module
Modern Age EL2307 Module
Modern Literature and Film EL0001 Module
Modernism EL2804 Module
Moving Music DA1027 Module
Music and Film FS2405 Module
Music in the Community MD3001 Module
Music Industry Practice MP3310 Module
Music Video MP2206 Module
Musical Theatre Dance MT1906 Module
Musical Theatre in the UK and USA DPA2007DRPA Module
Musical Theatre Industry 1 MT1907 Module
Musical Theatre Production MT3900 Module
Myths, Dreams and Creative Writing CW2226 Module
Narrative Storytelling MP1015 Module
National Cinemas FS3608 Module
New Musical Theatre Performance MT2901 Module
Nineteenth-Century Romanticism EL2306A Module
Old English EN2012_LG2003 Module
Onomastics LG3001 Module
Original Music Composition MP3307 Module
Other Worlds and Fantasy Fiction EL3807 Module
Performance 1 MD1004 Module
Performance 2 MD2004 Module
Performance Contexts DR1903 Module
Performance Now DPA3000PACOTP Module
Performance Now Advanced Research Practice DR3153 Module
Performance Now: Debates and Discourses DR3152 Module
Performance Project: Classical and Early Modern Drama PA1802 Module
Persuasive Writing PW1003 Module
Physical Skills 2 MT3901 Module
Physical Theatres (PA) DPA2004PA Module
Picture Books CW7122 Module
Playwriting 1 CW2109 Module
Playwriting 2 CW3223 Module
Poetry Making it New CW2219 Module
Poetry Now! CW1110 Module
Poetry Writing for Publication CW3224 Module
Political Journalism JM1011 Module
Politics and the Media MS3912 Module
Popular Music and Society MS2912 Module
Popular Music, Culture and Politics MS3917 Module
Popular Performance DR2125 Module
Postcolonial Fictions EL2507 Module
Postmodernism EL2805 Module
Producing Drama FP1005 Module
Producing Practices FP2004 Module
Production Management MP2209 Module
Production Project MP3300 Module
Professional Placement Module PW2008 Module
Professional Skills TP1007 Module
Professional Writing 2: Rewriting and Revising PW2000 Module
Professional Writing 3: Copy Editing PW3000 Module
Professional Writing I: Editing and Proofreading PW1000 Module
Publishing 1 PW1001 Module
Publishing 2: Self-publishing, the Indie Author and E-publishing PW2009 Module
Publishing III: Small Press Publication PW3009 Module
Publishing Project CW7102 Module
Puppetry and Object Manipulation (CO/DR/MT/PA) DPA2003CODRMTPA Module
Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis EN7001 Module
Radio Production and Podcasting MP1016 Module
Radio Production and Presentation JM1901 Module
Reading Film FS1160 Module
Rebel Filmmaking FP2005 Module
Recording Studio Practice MD1002 Module
Region and Environment AM2306 Module
Research Methods EL7308 Module
Research Methods EN2001_LG2000 Module
Researching Film Studies FS2400 Module
Rewriting and Adapting CW2201 Module
Role of the Actor - Intermediate: voice and body in performance DR2132 Module
Romantic Celebrity Culture EL3515A Module
Science Fiction & Fantasy FS2503 Module
Science Fictions and Fantasies CW3221 Module
Screenwriting FS2432 Module
Screenwriting and Character FP2006 Module
Script Report Writing FS1402 Module
Script to Screen PW3008 Module
Scriptwriting CW1102 Module
Scriptwriting for Mainstream TV CW2210 Module
Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar 1: Research Training and Support AM3801 Module
Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar II: Dissertation Completion & Preparation for Employment AM3802 Module
Sex and Sensibility in 18th Century Print Culture EL2531 Module
Sex and the City and Beyond AM3704 Module
Sexuality and Morality EL3809 Module
Shakespeare and Early Modern Comedy EL2807 Module
Shakespeare and Early Modern Tragedy EL2808 Module
Shakespeare and Ideology DR2039 Module
Social Justice and American Culture AM2601 Module
Social Media MS2911 Module
Social Media, Advertising and Branding MC3000 Module
Sociolinguistics EN2041 Module
Sound Theory and Practice MD1001 Module
Special Author (J.M. Coetzee) EL7310B Module
Special Author (Jane Austen) EL7310A Module
Speech and Language Disorders LG3004 Module
Stage Management, Technical Theatre and Wardrobe TP1005 Module
Stars FS3514 Module
Studio Based Recording MP2210 Module
Study Abroad Reflection FP2000 Module
Studying English Literature EL1801 Module
Studying Musical Theatre MT2904 Module
Synthesis and Sequencing MP2211 Module
Teaching and Communicating English EL3802 Module
Telling True Stories PW2003 Module
Text(ure) EN3061 Module
Textual Editing in Theory and Practice EL2533 Module
The Black Atlantic AM1204 Module
The City in American Literature EL3511A Module
The Director: Auteur Filmmaking FP1004 Module
The Evolution of Language EN3012_LG3003 Module
The Figure of the Law in Literature EL3811 Module
The Figure of the Law in Literature EL3525 Module
The Independent Study Preparation Module CW7123 Module
The Macro-Environment: Cultural and Arts Management in Context CA7004 Module
The Male Body, Masculinity and the Media MS3907 Module
The Rise of the Novel EL2810 Module
The Role of the Actor MT2903 Module
The Shakespeare Phenomenon EL3031 Module
The Short Story CW2102 Module
The Soundtrack: Sound Design for Cinema MP2216 Module
The Victorian Art of Murder EL3528 Module
The Writers' Retreat PW3226 Module
The Zombie Apocalypse! MS3918 Module
Theatre as Cultural Action DR2129 Module
Theatre Design TP2002 Module
Theatre Histories DR1900 Module
Theatre Histories DR1902 Module
Theatre In Practice TP2003 Module
Theatre Making DR1906 Module
Theatre Stories DR3115 Module
Third Cinema - Documentary as Resistance FP3006 Module
Transnational Cinema: Producing in the Global Age FP3007 Module
Travel Writing PW2002 Module
TV Production and Presentation JM1905 Module
TV Show Pilot MP3306 Module
TV Studio Show: News MP1013 Module
TV Studio: Programme Development MP2208 Module
Understanding Horror FS1401 Module
Understanding Language 3: Semantics and Pragmatics EN1004_LG1002 Module
Understanding Language I: Syntax and Morphology EN1002_LG1000 Module
Understanding Language II: Phonetics and Phonology EN1003_LG1001 Module
Undertaking Research MS2903 Module
Utopian and Dystopian Fiction EL3527 Module
Victorian Fictions EL2404 Module
Victorian Literary Culture EL7311 Module
Victorian Literatures EL2811 Module
Voice PA1801 Module
Voice in Action MT1905 Module
Volunteering FP2007 Module
Volunteering EL2999 Module
Volunteering EN2999 Module
Volunteering and Third Sector MP3301 Module
Volunteering for Creative & Professional Writing PW2007 Module
Volunteering for Film Studies FS2999 Module
WINOL (1) Multimedia Reporting JM2900 Module
WINOL (2) Advanced Multimedia Reporting JM2901 Module
WINOL (3) Multimedia Editing, Leadership and Management JM3902 Module
Women Autobiography and Performance DR3154 Module
Work Placement MS2904 Module
Work Placement JM3906 Module
Working in Magazine Journalism JM3004 Module
World Literature EL1803 Module
Writer as Researcher CW7120 Module
Writing and the Environment CW2215 Module
Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels CW3212 Module
Writing for Radio PW3222 Module
Writing-History-Fiction CW3218 Module

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