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Name Code Type
AM1203 America and Americanistion AM1203 Module
AM1212 Introduction to American Studies II AM1212 Module
AM1220 Digital America AM1220 Module
CW2226 Myths, Dreams and Creative Writing CW2226 Module
CW7130 Contemporary Fiction CW7130 Module
EL2404 Victorian Fictions EL2404 Module
EL2507 Postcolonial Fictions EL2507 Module
EL3042 Biography and the body EL3042 Module
EL3525 Figure of the Law EL3525 Module
EN 1001 Approaches to Language Study EN1001 Module
EN 2052 Forensic Linguistics EN2052 Module
EN2012 Old English 1 EN2012 Module
EN2051 Language Acquisition EN2051 Module
EN3012 The Evolution of Language EN3012 Module
EN3053 Language Crimes EN3053 Module
English, Creative Writing and American Studies ECWAS Department
FS2312: Approaches to Film FS2312 Module
FS2315 Contemporary European Cinema FS2315 Module
FS3623 Animation FS3623 Module
FS3629 Discontent Down Under: Gender, Racism, Change and Loss in Australian Cinema FS3629 Module
History of the English Language EN1011 Module
Language and the Mind EN2031 Module
MT2903 The Role of the Actor MT2903 Module
Performing Arts PAR Department
School of Media and Film MED Department
Text(ure) EN3061 Module
Understanding Language 3: Semantics and Pragmatics EN1004 Module
Women Autobiography and Performance S1 DR3154-S1 Module
Women Autobiography and Performance S2 DR3154-S2 Module

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