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Name Code Type
20th Century Ghosts DR2130 Module
Adapting Crime Fictions CW3220 Module
Advanced Screenwriting FP3004 Module
Advertising and Branding MS2907 Module
America and Americanisation AM1203 Module
American Conspiracies AM3512 Module
American Genres AM1205 Module
American Gothic AM2302 Module
American Women's Culture in the Nineteenth Century AM3901 Module
Analysing Journalism JM2500 Module
Animation FS3623 Module
Approaches to Film FS2312 Module
Approaches to Language Study EN1001 Module
Biography and the Body EL3042 Module
Body Parts DR3117 Module
British Cinema: Comedy, Realism and the Imaginary FS2502 Module
British Theatre DR3155 Module
Camera and Lighting FP1002 Module
Contemporary European Cinema FS2315 Module
Contemporary Fiction CW7130 Module
Creative Entrepreneurship and Production (DR/PA/SA) DPA3001DRPASA Module
Creative Non-fiction CW1103 Module
Creative Practice and Critical Thinking PA1400 Module
Creative Vigilance: Fictions and Metafiction CW3102 Module
Creative Voice II CW2207 Module
Critical Reading 1 EL1505 Module
Developing the Voice MT2900 Module
Digital America AM1220 Module
Discontent Down Under: Gender, Racism, Change and Loss in Australian Cinema FS3629 Module
Discourse Analysis EN2063 Module
Documentary and Non-Fiction Film FS3516 Module
Drama and Theatre in Education DR2134 Module
Dramaturgy: Analysis and Creative Development (PA/CO/TC) DPA2000PACOTC Module
English on the Periphery? EN3042 Module
Fairy Tale Fictions CW2220 Module
Fantastic Fiction for Children CW7003 Module
Fiction for children CW7002 Module
Fiction for Children CW2103 Module
Fictional Writing CW1101 Module
Figure of the Law EL3525 Module
Film Criticism FS1161 Module
Film Form, History and Culture FS1400 Module
Film Narrative FS1162 Module
Film Sound FP2003 Module
Forensic Linguistics EN2052 Module
Gangster and Crime Film FS2501 Module
Gothic Film FS3633 Module
Histories and Contexts (MT) DPA1000MT Module
Histories and Contexts (PA) DPA1000PA Module
History and Context of Journalism (1) JM1902 Module
History of the English Language EN1011 Module
Horror Fiction CW2224 Module
Identity in Contemporary Film AM3505 Module
Introduction to American Studies AM1111 Module
Introduction to American Studies II AM1212 Module
Language Acquisition EN2051 Module
Language and the Mind EN2031 Module
Language Crimes EN3053 Module
Life Writing and Biography PW2218 Module
Literature and Film AM2504 Module
Making (DR) DPA1001DR Module
Making (PA) DPA1001PA Module
Media Campaign Management MS2909 Module
Music and Film FS2405 Module
Myths, Dreams and Creative Writing CW2226 Module
Old English 1 EN2012 Module
Performance Now: Debates and Discourses DR3152 Module
Physical Theatres (PA) DPA2004PA Module
Poetry Now! CW1110 Module
Popular Music and Society MS2912 Module
Postcolonial Fictions EL2507 Module
Puppetry and Object Manipulation (CO/DR/MT/PA) DPA2003CODRMTPA Module
Reading Film FS1160 Module
Researching Film Studies FS2400 Module
Rewriting and Adapting CW2201 Module
Science Fictions and Fantasies CW3221 Module
Script Report Writing FS1402 Module
Stars FS3514 Module
Text(ure) EN3061 Module
The Black Atlantic AM1204 Module
The Evolution of Language EN3012 Module
The Independent Study Preparation Module CW7123 Module
The Male Body, Masculinity and the Media MS3907 Module
The Role of the Actor MT2903 Module
The Short Story CW2102 Module
The Zombie Apocalypse! MS3918 Module
Theatre Design TP2002 Module
Theatre Histories DR1900 Module
Understanding Horror FS1401 Module
Understanding Language 3: Semantics and Pragmatics EN1004 Module
Utopian and Dystopian Fiction EL3527 Module
Victorian Fictions EL2404 Module
Volunteering FP2007 Module
Women Autobiography and Performance S1 DR3154-S1 Module
Women Autobiography and Performance S2 DR3154-S2 Module
Working in Magazine Journalism JM3004 Module
Writer as Researcher CW7120 Module
Writing-History-Fiction CW3218 Module

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