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2D/3D Workshop DM2108 Module
3D Environments (Game & Heritage) DM2118 Module
3D Modelling Principles DM1116 Module
3D Visualisation DM7909 Module
Academic Development and Research BS7991 Module
Accounting Research and Analysis AN2918 Module
Advanced Business Reporting AN3923 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting AN3913 Module
Advocacy LW3010 Module
Analytical Tools for Digital Data BS7602 Module
Application of Event Management BS3996 Module
Applied Management Research BS2973 Module
Applied Marketing Research BS2984 Module
Approaches to Project and Programme Management BS7995 Module
AR & VR Interaction DM7910 Module
AR/VR Development DM2119 Module
Architectural Visualisation DM2116 Module
Artificial Intelligence BS2200 Module
Audit & Assurance AN3924 Module
Behavioural Economics and Finance EC3004 Module
Brand Design & Strategy DM7918 Module
Brand Identity BS2507 Module
Brand Identity and Design BS3501 Module
Business and Personal Tax AN2901 Module
Business and Personal Tax AN2919 Module
Business Consulting BS7809 Module
Business Ethics BS3995 Module
Business Expertise 1 BS1986 Module
Business Expertise 2 BS1987 Module
Business Functions in Context BS1954A Module
Business Management and Economics AN1918 Module
Business of Fashion BS1500 Module
Business Profitability and Performance BS2961 Module
CAD Principles DM1119 Module
CAD Projects DM1120 Module
Calculus MA1000 Module
Career Management BS1989 Module
Child Law LW3015 Module
Cloud Computing and Infrastructure BS3928 Module
Company Law 1: The Corporate Body LW2020_LW3041 Module
Company Law 2: Corporate Governance LW2021_LW3042 Module
Comparative Public Law LW3039 Module
Consumer Analysis, Insight & Creativity BS7981 Module
Consumer Behaviour BS2986 Module
Contemporary Business Communications BS2978 Module
Contemporary Challenges in Microeconomics EC3003 Module
Contemporary Issues in Accounting and Finance A AN7900 Module
Contemporary Issues in Event Management BS3301 Module
Contemporary Legal Issues LW0002 Module
Contemporary Research Methods BS8903 Module
Content Marketing BS1508 Module
Continuing Academic and Professional Studies BS1966 Module
Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy AN7908 Module
Corporate Governance and Ethics AN3914 Module
Creativity Design and Innovation BS2987 Module
Criminal Justice LW2012_LW3026 Module
Criminal Law LW2001 Module
Critical Economics EC3005 Module
Critical Skills: Developing Academic Practice BS7000 Module
Critical Work Based Studies BS3953 Module
Current Legal Problems LW2017_LW3007 Module
Data Structures and Operating Systems BS1200 Module
Database Analysis and Design BS1201 Module
Design Focus DM2110 Module
Design for Sustainability DM2121 Module
Design Practice DM7903 Module
Design Principles DM1110 Module
Design Projects DM1112 Module
Design Research DM7921 Module
Design Thinking for Fashion BS2508 Module
Designing Events BS2972 Module
Development Focus DM2111 Module
Development Principles DM1111 Module
Development Projects DM1113 Module
Digital Business and Emerging Technologies BS1988 Module
Digital Finance BK3003 Module
Digital forensic investigation BS3201 Module
Digital Marketing BS3988 Module
Digital Media Principles DM7900 Module
Digital Publishing BS1507 Module
Disruptive change in accounting and finance AN3926 Module
Dissertation BS3999A_AN3002A Module
Distributed Systems BS3204 Module
Econometrics EC2002 Module
Effectual Entrepreneurship BS2976 Module
Emerging Media DM7917 Module
Employee Development BS3947 Module
Employee Relations BS3945 Module
Employment Law 1 LW2007_LW3027 Module
Employment Law 2 LW2008_LW3028 Module
Enterprise Focus DM3105 Module
Enterprise Networking BS2207 Module
Entrepreneurship in Action BS3978 Module
Ergonomics & User Interaction DM1121 Module
Ethics and Sustainability in Banking BK2000 Module
European Law LW3012 Module
Events in Context BS1964 Module
Events in Practice BS2937 Module
Family Law LW3036 Module
Fashion Buying BS2501 Module
Fashion Enterprise BS3507 Module
Fashion in Focus BS1502 Module
Fashion Media and Identity BS3502 Module
Fashion Merchandising BS2502 Module
Fashion Public Relations BS3508 Module
Fashion Retailing BS2504 Module
Fashion Supply Chain Management BS2505 Module
Festivals and Cultural Events BS3969 Module
Finance AN1917 Module
Finance and Risk Management BS7119 Module
Financial Accounting AN1902B Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting AN7909 Module
Financial and Tax Complications AN1923 Module
Financial Information Analysis AN3922 Module
Financial Management BS3973 Module
Financial Management AN2922 Module
Financial Risk Management AN3907B Module
Foundations of Banking BK1000 Module
Fundamentals of Machine Learning MA3011 Module
Fundamentals of Project Management BS1980 Module
Fundamentals of Project Management BS7993 Module
Globalisation and Diversity BS2967 Module
Health of the Nations: International Health Policy and Systems BS7401 Module
Hospitality and Tourism BS2936 Module
How to be an Entrepreneur BS0001 Module
Human Resource Management BS2934 Module
Human Rights LW2010_LW3029 Module
Information Management and Data Analytics BS2924 Module
Information Systems and Organisations BS1912 Module
Information Systems Futures BS3927 Module
Innovative Systems BS1202 Module
Insight Management BS7113 Module
Insight Management BS3922 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BS2988 Module
Intellectual Properties and Information Rights BS3924 Module
Intellectual Property Law LW3023 Module
Intelligence and Adaptive Behaviour BS2208 Module
Intercultural Business Communication BS7986 Module
International Financial Reporting AN2916 Module
Introduction to Business Analysis BS1985 Module
Introduction to Cyber Security and Networks BS1203 Module
Introduction to Event Operations BS1970 Module
Introduction to Marketing Research BS2509 Module
Introduction to Markets BS0002 Module
Introduction to Media BS1503 Module
Introduction to Programming and Testing BS1915 Module
Introduction to Project Management BS2922 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Data Analysis BS1983 Module
Introduction to Software Design and Development BS1220 Module
Introduction to Software Development BS1204 Module
Investments AN3921 Module
Investments and Behavioural Finance AN7904 Module
Launching a Business Start-Up BS3946 Module
Law and Society LW0001 Module
Law Dissertation LW3001A Module
Law for Business LW0003 Module
Law of Contract LW1002 Module
Law of Equity and Trusts LW3011 Module
Law of Property LW2002 Module
Law of Torts LW1004 Module
Leadership BS7118 Module
Leadership in Organisations BS7914 Module
Legal Systems and Method LW1001 Module
Linear Algebra with Differential Equations MA1001 Module
Macroeconomic Analysis EC2000 Module
Major Research Project DM3107 Module
Major Research Project - CAD DM3111 Module
Management Accounting AN1903 Module
Management Accounting, Planning and Control AN2921 Module
Management and Leadership BS2974 Module
Management Research Methods BS2100 Module
Managing Change BS3979 Module
Managing Finance BS1950 Module
Managing in a Global Environment BS7400 Module
Marketing Analytics BS3510 Module
Marketing Ethics BS3985 Module
Marketing Management BS2985 Module
Marketing Principles BS1968 Module
Markets and Consumers (MBA) BS7110 Module
Mathematical Methods MA2000 Module
Mathematical Skills for Accountants, Mathematical Skills for Economists AN1920 Module
Mathematical Skills for Economists EC1003 Module
Maximising Engagement and Impact BS7969 Module
Medical Law LW2009_LW3032 Module
Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions Industry (MICE) BS2955A Module
Mental Health Law LW3021 Module
Microeconomic Analysis EC2001 Module
Monetary and Financial Economics EC3000 Module
Motion Graphics DM7922 Module
Negotiated Design Final Project DM3103 Module
Negotiated Design Placement DM3108 Module
Negotiated Development Final Project DM3104 Module
Negotiated Development Placement DM3102 Module
Network Security BS2940 Module
Operations and Service Management BS2931 Module
Operations Management BS2975 Module
Optimisation Techniques MA3003 Module
Part-time Work Placement BS3951 Module
Pathway Design and Technology Practice DM2122 Module
People and Organizations BS1951 Module
Philosophy of Mathematics MA3008 Module
Philosophy, Methodology and Ethics of Research BS7971 Module
Pilot Study BS8904 Module
Practical Finance for Business BS1932 Module
Predictive Data Analytics BS2941 Module
Principles of Fashion BS1504 Module
Principles of Macroeconomics EC1001 Module
Principles of Microeconomics EC1002 Module
Principles of Responsible Management BS7916 Module
Probability and Statistics MA1003 Module
Product Service Design BS7982 Module
Professional Portfolio Practice DM3110 Module
Professional Practice 1 AN3917 Module
Professional Practice 2 AN3918 Module
Project Focus DM2102 Module
Project Life Cycle Planning, Control and Reporting BS7961 Module
Project Management BS3993 Module
Project Research - CAD Case Study DM2120 Module
Public Law LW1003 Module
Relationship Marketing BS2989 Module
Rendering and Animation DM1118 Module
Research Focus DM2112 Module
Research Methods in Business (MBA) BS8001MBA Module
Research Methods in Business (MSc) BS8001MSC Module
Research Principles DM1103 Module
Research Project BS3503 Module
Research Proposal DM7915 Module
Researching Contemporary Management Issues BS3992 Module
Responsible Event Management BS1969 Module
Responsible Leadership Development BS3982 Module
Responsible Management BS1952 Module
Responsible Management DAP BS1952B_DAP Module
Risk Management BS3932 Module
Servers, Data Centres, and Smart Systems BS2204 Module
Social Enterprise BS3966A Module
Social Media Marketing BS3506 Module
Social Media Marketing and Analytics BS7603 Module
Software Development BS2928 Module
Software Testing BS2927 Module
Sport and the Law LW2011_LW3034 Module
Sports and Mega Events BS2971 Module
Statistical Methods MA2002 Module
Strategic Analytics BS3937 Module
Strategic Brand Management BS3989 Module
Strategic Brand Planning BS7983 Module
Strategic Forecasting and Simulation BS3938 Module
Strategic Innovation Management BS3986 Module
Strategic Management BS7987 Module
Strategic Management Accounting AN3919 Module
Strategic Marketing Management BS3987 Module
Strategic Performance Management AN3920 Module
Sustainability and Responsibility in Fashion BS3504 Module
Sustainability in Business BS2957 Module
Sustainability, Ethics and Responsibility BS7109 Module
Sustainable Business Relationships BS2979 Module
Sustainable Economics BS2935 Module
Sustainable Strategy BS3926 Module
Sustainable Strategy in Action BS3952 Module
Sustainable Strategy in Practice BS3977 Module
System and Software Analysis and Design BS1981 Module
Team & Project Mapping DM1115 Module
Team Processes DM1114 Module
Technology and Cyberlaw LW3013 Module
The Accounting Professional AN2926 Module
The Business Lab BS1933 Module
The Critical Reflective Practitioner BS7967 Module
The Marketing Innovator BS7980 Module
Thought Leadership BS7968 Module
Transmedia Storytelling DM7919 Module
Trend Forecasting BS1505 Module
Understanding Finance: Concepts and Principles BS2933 Module
Understanding Markets BS1967 Module
UX, UC & UI Design DM7916 Module
Vector Calculus MA2004 Module
Venue Management BS2948 Module
Visual Management for Projects BS7997 Module
Visualisation of Business Intelligence BS2942 Module
Volunteering for Event Management BS2999A Module
Web and Mobile Application Development BS2205 Module
Web Design and Analytics BS7601 Module
Website Workshop DM1108 Module
Work Based Studies - Professional Development BS1913 Module
Work Based Studies : Management and Leadership BS2926 Module
Work Based Studies: Applied Project and Consultancy Management BS2996 Module
Work-Based Studies - Organisational Functions in Context BS1914 Module
Working with Numbers AN0001 Module
Working with People BS0003 Course
World Principles DM1117 Module

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