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Name Code Type
BS1502 Fashion in Focus BS1502 Module
BS1504 Principles of Fashion BS1504 Module
BS1951 People and Organizations BS1951 Module
BS1967 Understanding Markets BS1967 Module
BS2502 Fashion Merchandising BS2502 Module
BS2503 Brand Identity and Design BS2503 Module
BS3504 Sustainability and responsibility in fashion BS3504 Module
BS3988 Digital Marketing BS3988 Module
BS7967 The Critical Reflective Practitioner BS7967 Module
Child Law LW3015 Module
FM1002 Introduction to Fashion 2: Sociological Perspectives FM1002 Module
Law LAW Department
LW1003/2003 Public Law LW1003_2003 Module
LW3036 Family Law LW3036 Module
Sports Studies SPO Department
Winchester Business School WBS Department

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