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'44 and '88: The Acts ES1203 Module
'Pioneers and Separate Spheres': Gender and History of Education 1789-1923 ES2422 Module
(Human) Nature LA3020 Module
Advanced Practice Skills CS2103 Module
Advanced Practice Skills CS2103DL Module
Advanced Workbased Learning: Analysing Impact CS2106 Module
Aesthetics and Education ES7011 Module
An Introduction to the Curriculum PG4230_PG7230 Module
Ancient Canonic Tragedy LA1005 Module
Art and Design Education 2: Developing and Evaluating School Based Practice PR2802AT Module
Art and Design Education 2: Developing and Evaluating School Based Practice PR2801AT Module
Art and Design Education: Developing and Evaluating Artistic Practice PR3801AT Module
Arts and Education ES7003 Module
BA (Hons) Childhood Studies (Top Up) for Applicants APPLICANTS-CHS Module
Becoming a Curriculum Maker - the Quest for Harmony PR3904OP Module
BEd Year 2 BED_YEAR_2 Programme
Children's Literature PR2804EL Module
Communication and Interaction PR2802SN Module
Considering Debates in Professional Practice (SEN) A PE7501 Module
Constructing the 'Other': 'Race', Ethnicity and Religion ES3301 Module
Construction of Gender Roles in Schools ES3207 Module
Contemporary Conversations VA1010 Module
Contemporary Theory and Practice in Early Childhood ES3421 Module
Core Practice Skills CS1103DL Module
Core Practice Skills CS1103 Module
Core Workbased Learning: the Developing Practitioner CS1106 Module
Cosmopolitanism VA1000 Module
Critiquing Higher Education ES3220 Module
Critiquing Inclusive Educational Practice ES3428 Module
Critiquing the Museum Experience ES3429 Module
Culture: High and Low VA2001_VA3001 Module
CultureEducation ES2431 Module
Current Issues in Education ES3208 Module
Curriculum English 1: The Foundations of English A PR1129 Module
Curriculum English 1: Using Language PR1701CU Module
Curriculum English 2: Understanding Language Development PR2129 Module
Curriculum English 2: Understanding Language Development PR2701CU Module
Curriculum English, Maths and Science PR3701CU Module
Curriculum Mathematics 1: An Introduction to Primary Mathematics PR1702CU Module
Curriculum Mathematics 2: Children Learning Mathematics PR2702CU Module
Curriculum Maths 1: Thinking and Reasoning Mathematically PR1130 Module
Curriculum Science 2 PR2131 Module
Curriculum Science 2: Teaching Scientific Enquiry and Exploring Intriguing Ideas PR2703CU Module
Curriculum Studies PG7501 Module
Deconstructing Philosophies of Learning and Teaching ES3422 Module
Design and Technology PGCE DT_PGCE Module
Developing Children's Thinking and Learning in Mathematics PR2802MA Module
Developing Partnerships with Families PR3905OP Module
Developing Partnerships with Families CS2101DL Module
Developing Partnerships with Families CS2101 Module
Developing Personal Pedagogy through an Option Focus PR4503EX_PR4603EX Module
Developing Personal Pedagogy through an Option Focus PR4503EX Module
Developing Practice CS1105DL Module
Developing Practice CS1105 Module
Developing practice CS2803 Module
Developing Scientific Enquiry PR2801SC Module
Disability and Inclusion ES7001 Module
Displaced: Forced Migration and Refugees Today VA1011 Module
Dissertation ME7004 Module
Drama Specialism PR2801DR Module
Early Childhood in a Changing World ES3435 Module
Early Years 2: Sites for Playful Learning PR2802EY Module
Early Years 3: The Development and Leadership of Primary Early Years PR3801EY Module
Early Years Education ES3219 Module
Early Years Foundations CS1805 Module
Early Years Principles and Practice PR2801EY Module
Eco-Activism VA2020_VA3020 Module
Educating for the 'new age' ES2435 Module
Educating the Teenage Consumer ES3302 Module
Education and Nature: Learning in the Anthropocene ES2429 Module
Education and Social Justice ES7010 Module
Education and the Arab-Islamic World ES3418 Module
Education and Work ES2428 Module
Education Principles and Practice 1 PR1126 Module
Education, Ecologies and Ethics LA3025 Module
Education, Ecologies and Ethics ES3427 Module
Education: Social and Political Thought (2) ES2427 Module
Educational Principles and Perspectives PR2126 Module
Educational Reflections ES1412 Module
Educational Theory 3: Current Issues in Education PR3501ET Module
Educational Theory 4 PR4600EX Module
Educational Theory 4: Principles into Practice PR4500EX_PR4600EX Module
Educators ES1413 Module
Educators and Schooling ES1410 Module
Educators and Society ES1205 Module
English 1: The Distinctive Nature of English within the Curriculum A PR2137EN Module
English 1a: New Literacies PR2801EL Module
Enhanced School Experience Preparation, Practice and Review PR3602SE Module
Enhancing Knowledge PG4402IT Module
Enhancing Practice through a Specialism PR4602EX Module
Examining Professional Practice PE7914 Module
Exclusion in and from Schooling ES3413 Module
Exploring Aspects of Pedagogy PE7502 Module
Exploring Mixed Methods in Social Research EE7907 Module
Exploring teaching as a career PR2000 Module
Exploring the Curriculum PG4231_PG7231 Module
FdA Childhood Studies for Applicants APPLICANTS-FCHSSING Module
Film and Philosophy LA1004 Module
Film as Education ES3419 Module
Finalist School Experience Preparation, Practice and Review 3 PR3601 Module
Finalist School Experience Preparation, Practice and Review 4 PR4604EX Module
Freedom VA2014 Module
Freedom is to learn LA1018 Module
Freedom is to Learn LA2019 Module
Freedom is to learn 3 LA2001 Module
Globalisation and Comparative Eduation ES2414 Module
Harmonia Mundi LA1014 Module
Higher Education and Early Years CS1800 Module
Holocaust Education ES3410 Module
How Do We Teach? Research Informed Teaching PGCE 3-7 route FT PG7101EY Module
How Do We Teach? Research Informed Teaching: English PG7101 Module
ICT Across the Primary Curriculum PR1706CU Module
Impairments, Disability and Inclusion ES2303 Module
Inclusion and diversity PG7502 Module
Inclusion, Education and Refugees ES3431 Module
Inclusion: Autistic Spectrum differences CS3100 Module
Inclusive Curriculum PR3702CU Module
Individual Practitioner Enquiry PE7533SEN Module
Individual Practitioner Enquiry PE7532 Module
Innocence and Experience LA1010 Module
Introducing Early Childhood ES1211 Module
Introducing Mixed Methods in Social Research EE7906 Module
Introducing Philosophy of Education ES7009 Module
Introducing Special and Inclusive Education ES1415 Module
Introducing the Politics of Educational Policy and Practice ES7002 Module
Introduction to Higher Education CS1100 Module
Introduction to Higher Education CS1100DL Module
Introduction to Social and Emotional Development CS1102 Module
Introduction to the Arts LA1012 Module
Leadership and Development of Primary Foreign Languages PR3801PL Module
Leadership and its Effect on Pupil Progress and Achievement PR4501EX Module
Learning beyond the curriculum or classroom PR1134OP Module
Learning from the Renaissance ES1407 Module
Learning with the world in times of climate crisis PR1134OP_CLIMATE_CRISIS Module
Liberal Education VA1002 Module
Life and Death LA3014 Module
Literacies in Higher Education ES1416 Module
Loss of Childhood ES3217 Module
MA Education MAED Course
Making an Impact on Practice CS2105 Module
Marxisms and Schooling ES3411 Module
Mathematics: The distinctive nature of mathematics within the curriculum PR2137MA Module
Meeting the Needs of the Child with Autism PR3911OP Module
Movement Education PR2802PE Module
Music 2 Exploring Children's Musicality: Approaches and Research Evidence PR2802MU Module
Music 3: The Development and Leadership of Primary Music PR3801MU Module
Music: The Distinctive Nature of Music within the Curriculum PR2137MU Module
Nature Identity and Difference LA3026 Module
Option: Learning Beyond the Classroom PR3909OP Module
Option: Volunteering PR3999OP Module
Other Animals: Contemporary Moral Frontiers VA1003 Module
PE1: Sport Education PR2801 Module
Pedagogical Ethics ES7007 Module
Personal Professional Development PR4505EX_PR4605EX Module
Personal Professional Development PR2403PD Module
Personal, Social and Emotional Development A CS1801 Module
Perspectives on childhood CS1101 Module
Perspectives on Childhood CS1802 Module
Perspectives on Childhood CS1101DL Module
PGCE FT Primary Science 3-7 route PGCE_FT_PRIMARY_SCIENCE_37 Module
Philosophies of Education ES2433 Module
Philosophy for Children PR3923OPB Module
Philosophy for Children PR3923OPA Module
Philosophy for Children PR3923OP Module
Philosophy of the Teacher LA3012 Module
Philosophy, Education and the Learning Person ES3424 Module
Philosophy, Ethics and Education ES3434 Module
Physical Education ES2417 Module
Placement Learning and Reflection PR2125 Module
Placement Learning and Reflection PG7103 Module
Placement Learning and Reflection PR1125 Module
Placement Learning and Reflection 2 PG7104 Module
Play ES2434 Module
Policy and Provision CS2802 Module
Policy into Practice CS2104 Module
Policy into Practice CS2104DL Module
Political Perspectives on Education ES1210 Module
Positive Psychology CS3107 Module
Power of the Teacher LA2011 Module
PPD1: Personal Professional Development 1 PR1401PD Module
Pre-school into School CS3101 Module
Pregnancy to Three CS3103 Module
Primary Curriculum CS3102 Module
Primary Foreign Languages 1: The Distinctive Nature of Primary Foreign Languages within the Curriculum PR2137PL Module
Primary Foreign Languages 2: Development and Application of subject knowledge and pedagogy in the curriculum PR2138PL Module
Primary Geography: Approaches and Research Evidence PR2802GE Module
Primary School Direct English PG7100SD Module
Principles in Education ES1414 Module
Principles of Inclusive Education ES1411 Module
Professional Enquiry 1: Research Proposal PR2136 Module
Professional Enquiry 1: Research Proposal and Literature Review PR2401PR Module
Professional Enquiry 2: Research Report PR3401PR Module
Professional Placement PR1127 Module
Progressive Education ES2307 Module
Promoting Positive Behaviour CS3106 Module
RE2 Primary Religious Studies: Teaching and Learning Approaches to the Distinctive Features of Eastern Religions PR2802RE Module
Reconceptualising Early Childhood Education ES3420 Module
Reflections on Autobiography ES1204 Module
Research Design CS3105 Module
Resilience in the Face of Challenges CS2801 Module
Safeguarding Children CS2804 Module
School Direct PGCE Secondary: PE SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_PE Module
School Direct Secondary PGCE SD_PGCE_SECONDARY Module
School Experience 1 PG4207 Module
School Experience Preparation Practice and Review PR2601SE Module
School Experience Preparation Practice and Review 1b PR1602SE Module
School Experience Preparation, Practice and Review PR1601SE Module
School Resources Centre SRC Module
Science 3: The Development and Leadership of Primary Science A PR3801SC Module
SCITT and SD Personalising Learning SCITT_SD Module
SD PGCE Primary School Based SD_PGCE_PRIMARY Module
Secondary School Direct Assignment 2: Pedagogy SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_AGT2 Module
Secondary School Direct: Art SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_ART Module
Secondary School Direct: Classics SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_CLASSICS Module
Secondary School Direct: Design and Technology SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_DT Module
Secondary School Direct: English and Drama SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_ED Module
Secondary School Direct: Geography SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_GEOGRAPHY Module
Secondary School Direct: History SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_HISTORY Module
Secondary School Direct: ICT SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_ICT Module
Secondary School Direct: Mathematics SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_MATHEMATICS Module
Secondary School Direct: Modern Foreign Languages SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_MFL Module
Secondary School Direct: Music SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_MUSIC Module
Secondary School Direct: RE SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_RE Module
Secondary School Direct: Science SD_PGCE_SECONDARY_SCIENCE Module
SEN 3: The Development and Leadership of Primary SEN PR3801SN Module
SENCo Accreditation Cohort 8 September 2016 to November 2017 PE7533 Module
SENCo Accreditation Cohort 8 September 2016 to November 2017 PE7912 Module
Sexuality: Education, Policy and Practice ES2424 Module
Social and Political Thought ES2301 Module
Social Exclusion and Inclusion ES2423 Module
Spirit in Ruins LA2012 Module
Starting Points for Mathematical Learning PR2801MA Module
Stories for Children VA2016 Module
Storytelling Option PR3930OP Module
Sustainability PR3918 Module
Teaching Children with English as an Additional Language PR3959 Module
Teaching English as an Additional Language PE7942_PE7944 Module
Team Working CS2100DL Module
Team Working CS2100 Module
Team Working (FdA) FDACS2100 Module
Technology in Education ES2410 Module
The Art of Drama in the Primary School PR2802DR Module
The Development and Leadership of Primary Drama PR3801DR Module
The Development and Leadership of Primary English PR3801EL Module
The Development and Leadership of Primary Geography PR3801GE Module
The Development and Leadership of Primary Mathematics PR3801MA Module
The Development and Leadership of Primary PE PR3801PE Module
The Development and Leadership of Primary Religious Education PR3801RE Module
The Distinctive Nature of Early Years Education PR2137EY Module
The Inclusive Educator ES3307 Module
The Language of Inclusion in Education ES3430 Module
The Natural Universe and Ecology ES3409_LA3011 Module
The Nature of Primary Geography PR2801GE Module
The Nature of Religious Studies: Planning for Effective Learning and Teaching PR2801RE Module
The Role of the Subject Leader: History PR3801HS Module
The Teacher: Power and Pedagogy ES2426 Module
The Unique Child CS1806 Module
The Values of Nature VA2017 Module
Theories of Discipline ES2305 Module
Theorising Early Childhood ES2212 Module
Theorising Education and Ecology ES2218 Module
Theorising Special and Inclusive Education ES2420 Module
Theorizing the Holocaust (Shoah) LA2018 Module
Thinking about "Race" (a and b) ES2208 Module
Thinking Within, Between and Across Subject Boundaries PR1134OP_THINKING_WITHIN Module
Towards a Graduate Career CS3104 Module
Understanding Childrens Learning CS1104 Module
Volunteering ES2999A Module
WC1A Knowledge and Understanding PR1132 Module
What Do We Teach? Perspectives on Curriculum and Pedagogy PG7100 Module
What is a Child? ES2207 Module
What was a Teacher? Histories of Teacher Education ES2421 Module
Who do we teach? PG7102 Module
Wider Curriculum 1b: Developing Practice PR1133 Module
Wider Curriculum in Practice PR1705CU Module
Wider Curriculum Perspectives PR1704CU Module
Wider Curriculum: Cross-Curricula Perspectives PR2133 Module
Working in Partnership PR2137AN Module
Working On And With Numbers PR2130 Module
Working Scientifically and Developing Curiosity PR1131 Module
Working with parents, carers and families CS2800 Module

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Coaching and Mentoring Semester One 2020/21 19/05/2020 09:39:12
Partnership: School Experience Semester One 2020/21 19/05/2020 09:42:03