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Name Code Type
6555: Primary SCITT 2018/19 6555 Module
BA (Hons) Childhood Studies (Top Up) for Applicants APPLICANTS-CHS Module
BEd Year 2 BED_YEAR_2 Programme
CS1101 Perspectives on childhood CS1101 Module
CS1103 Core Practice Skills CS1103 Module
CS1104 Understanding Childrens Learning CS1104 Module
CS1105 Developing Practice CS1105 Module
CS2100 Team working CS2100 Module
CS2101 Developing partnerships with families CS2101 Module
CS2102 Meeting the Challenges of Social and emotional Development CS2102 Module
CS2103 Advanced practice skills CS2103 Module
CS2105 Making an Impact on Practice CS2105 Module
CS3100: Inclusion Autistic spectrum differences CS3100 Module
CS3101 Pre-school into School CS3101 Module
CS3102 Primary Curriculum CS3102 Module
CS3104 Towards a graduate career CS3104 Module
CS3105 Research Design CS3105 Module
CS3106 Promoting Positive Behaviour CS3106 Module
CS3107 Positive Psychology CS3107 Module
CY 1802 Understanding Inequalities CY1802 Module
CY1800 Development in Childhood and Adolescence CY1800 Module
CY1801 Learning contexts CY1801 Module
CY1803 Health promotion module CY1803 Module
CY1804 Academic and Employability Skills CY1804 Module
CY1806 Communicating with individuals and groups CY1806 Module
CY1807 Community and Community CY1807 Module
CY2800A Inter-professional Practice CY2800A Module
CY2802 Inclusion and Exclusion in Education CY2802 Module
CY2803 Children & Young People in Transition CY2803 Module
CY2805 Health and Care of Young Children CY2805 Module
CY2812 Working with Young People CY2812 Module
CY2815 International Perspectives in Early Childhood CY2815 Module
CY3803 Safeguarding Children and Young People CY3803 Module
CY3806 Young Parents CY3806 Module
CY3807 Parents and Carers CY3807 Module
CY3812 Children and Young People's Mental Health CY3812 Module
CY3814 Preparing for Professional Practice CY38141516 Module
CY3814 Preparing for Professional Practice CY3814 Module
Education Studies EDS Department
EHSC Library News & Information LIBNEWS Module
ES1411 Principles of Inclusive Education ES1411 Module
ES2208 Thinking about "race" (a & b) ES2208 Module
ES2423 Social Exclusion and Inclusion ES2423 Module
ES3409/LA3011 The natural universe and ecology ES3409-LA3011 Module
FdA Childhood Studies for Applicants APPLICANTS-FCHSSING Module
FdA CS2100 Team Working FDACS2100 Module
Interprofessional Studies IPS Department
Introduction to Higher Education CS1100 Module
Introduction to Social and Emotional Development CS1102 Module
ME7008: Individual Practitioner Based Enquiry ME7008 Module
Medical Education - MA Years 1, 2 & 3 ME7000-04 Module
PG4200/7220 Personalising Learning PG4200 Module
PG4217 Professional Theory and Practice PG4217 Module
PG4220 Personalising Learning PG4220 Module
PG4230 An introduction to the curriculum PG4230 Module
PG7230 PGCE English PG7230 Module
PR 3955 Religious Education PR3955 Module
PR1401PD PPD1 Induction and Personal Professional Development PR1401PD Module
PR1501ET Educational Theory 1a Teachers and Schools PR1501 Module
PR1501ET Educational Theory 1a Teachers and Schools 2014-15 PR1501ET2014-15 Module
PR1502ET Educational Theory 1b Learners and Learning PR1502ET Module
PR1602SE School Experience Preparation Practice and Review 1b PR1602SE Module
PR1701CU: Curriculum English 1: Using Language PR1701CU Module
PR1704CU Wider Curriculum PR1704CU Module
PR1705 Wider curriculum in practice PR1705 Module
PR2403PD Year 2 Personal Professional Development PR2403PD Module
PR2501ET Educational Theory PR2501ET Module
PR2703CU: Curriculum Science 2: Teaching Scientific Enquiry and Exploring Intriguing Ideas PR2703CU Module
PR2801EL English 1a: New Literacies PR2801EL Module
PR2801EY Early Years Principles and Practice PR2801EY Module
PR2801SN Working in partnership PR2801SN Module
PR2802EY Sites for Playful Learning PR2802EY Module
PR2802SN Communication and Interaction PR2802SN Module
PR2804EL Children's Literature PR2804EL Module
PR3501ET Education Theory - Current Issues in Education PR3501ET Module
PR3701: Making Connections PR3701 Module
PR3702CU Inclusive Curriculum PR3702CU Module
PR3801MA The development and leadership of primary mathematics PR3801MA Module
PR3801SN SEN3: The development and leadership of primary SEN PR3801SN Module
PR3904OP Becoming a curriculum maker - the quest for harmony PR3904OP Module
PR3905OP Developing Partnerships with Families PR3905OP Module
PR3911OP Meeting the needs of the child with autism PR3911OP Module
PR3930OP Storytelling option PR3930OP Module
PR3959 Teaching Children with English as an Additional Language PR3959 Module
PR4600EX Educational Theory 4 PR4600EX Module
PR4604EX Final School Experience Preparation, Practice and Review 4 (4) PR4604EX Module
SC3006 Law and Ethics SC3006 Module
SD_PGCE_Primary: SD PGCE Primary English SD_PGCE_PRIMARY Module
SW1001 Law Ethics and Social Policy SW1001 Module
SW1002 Introduction to Sociological Perspectives: Identity, Equality, Diversity and values SW1002 Module
SW1005 Communication: Working with Service Users SW1005 Module
SW2001 The Legal and Professional Knowledge Base of Social Work SW2001 Module
SW7102 Introduction to Social Work with Families and Adults SW7102 Module
SW7105 Critical Reflection and review of Outcomes of Practice SW7105 Module
SW7207 Social Work Methods and Interventions SW7207 Module
SW7501 The Legal and Professional Knowledge Base of Social Work SW7501 Module
Teacher Development TEA Department
VA1000 Cosmopolitanism VA1000 Module
VA1001 Culture: High and Low VA1001 Module
VA1002 Liberal Education VA1002 Module
VA1003: Other Animals: Contemporary Moral Frontiers VA1003 Module

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CS1100 Introduction to Higher Education Semester One 2018/19 12/06/2018 16:15:35
Maths through stories Academic Year 2018/19 14/09/2018 14:10:38