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Name Code Type
A History of Forensic Science FR1002 Module
Academic and Employment Skills FR1001 Module
Advanced Critical Thinking for Psychologists PS3830 Module
Age of the Vikings HS2704 Module
Ancient Languages RT2510 Module
Anglo-Saxon Charters HS7148 Module
Anthropological Theory ANT2000 Module
Anthropology of Art and Visual Culture ANT2003 Module
Applied Criminology CR7950 Module
Applied Psychology Skills for Career Development PS1809 Module
Applied Techniques: Forensic Archaeology CR2006 Module
Approaches to the Past HS7531 Module
Archaeological/Geographical science project AC2918 Module
Archaeology of Death AC2046 Module
Archaeology of Transcaucasia AC3917_AC7942 Module
Aspects of Islam RT2514_RT3514 Module
Assessment and Consultancy within Forensic Practice PS7952 Module
Atheism and its Critics RT2128 Module
Barbarians, Byzantines and Beyond HS1063 Module
Bible in Contemporary Culture RT2503_RT3503 Module
Bioethics and Theology RT2506_RT3506 Module
Biogeography and Conservation GE3908 Module
Biology and Society ANT2002 Module
Borderlands and Commodities in History HS3729B Module
Brain Behaviour and Cognition PS2811 Module
Britain in the Twentieth Century HS1064 Module
British Introductory Module: Late Medieval England 1272-1500 HS1010A Module
Buddhism: Traditions and Transformations RT3515 Module
Buddhism: Traditions and Transformations RT2515 Module
Caribbean Peoples and Cultures AC3911_AC7935 Module
Carolingian Renaissance HS2009 Module
Case Studies I: Sources and Approaches in History HS1105 Module
Case Studies II: 'The People's War': The British Home Front in the Second World War HS1106 Module
Case Study in Political, Philosophy : conservatism PO3605 Module
China: 21st Century Challenges PO3604 Module
Christianity and Neoplatonism RT2507_RT3507 Module
Christianity, Race and Colonialism RT2528_RT3528 Module
Civilisation Study: The British Raj HS2606 Module
Communist Regimes in Eastern and Central Europe HS3720B Module
Community Volunteering Placement ANT2004 Module
Comparative Study: Chivalry HS3705A Module
Comparative Study: Slavery HS3730A Module
Comparative Study: The Monstrous Regiment HS3723 Module
Concepts of Funerary Archaeology AC7945 Module
Connecting Theology, Religion and Practice TL8000DL Module
Contemporary Approaches to Death and Dying RT7001DL Module
Contemporary Christian Theology RT2519_RT3519 Module
Contemporary Christian Theology RT2121 Module
Contemporary Philosophy PPE3001 Module
Controversies in Biblical Studies RT1504 Module
Creating and Consuming History HS1102 Module
Crime, Media and Culture CR1009 Module
Crime, Media and Culture CR2007 Module
Criminological Psychology CR2005A Module
Culture and Society in Fifth-Century Athens HS2301 Module
Curriculum Design in Higher Education HE7001 Module
Dazzling Darkness RT7303 Module
Death and the Christian Tradition RT7003DL Module
Death and Visual Culture RT7120DL Module
Death in World Religions RT7004DL Module
Depth Study: The French in North Africa - The Maghreb 1803-1914 HS3383 Module
Depth Study: The Italian Wars 1494-1519 HS3375 Module
Depth Study: The Post-War Teenager Part I HS3421 Module
Developing Academic Skills SO1902 Module
Development of Archaeology AC1005 Module
Developmental Psychology PS2803 Module
Diplomatic Studies PO3503 Module
Dissertation AW8000 Module
Dissertation FR3002 Module
Dissertation in Animal Welfare and Society AW3002 Module
Dreams and Nightmares: Britain in Twentieth Century Europe HS2912 Module
Early Medieval Britain HS1002 Module
Early Prehistoric Europe AC2011 Module
Economic Theory PPE2003 Module
Empirical Project for Graduate Diploma PS3901 Module
Employability CR3000A Module
Engaging Students in Learning HE7000 Module
English Civil Wars and Republic HS3319_HS3320 Module
Environment, Climate Change and Globalisation SO2908 Module
Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century, 1789-1914 HS1058 Module
Europe in the Twentieth Century HS1016A Module
Evidence of Marks and Damage FR2002 Module
Evolutionary Psychology and Human Nature PS3827 Module
Eyewitness Psychology PS3828 Module
Faith and Globalisation RT2107 Module
Fakes and Forgeries FR2003 Module
Fieldwork Intro AC1906 Module
Food and Drink in Medieval and Early Modern England HS2801 Module
Forensic Archaeology FR2004 Module
Forensic Biology FR1004 Module
Forensic DNA Analysis FR2001 Module
Forensic Medicine FR2000 Module
Forensic Psychology FR3005 Module
Foundations in Psychology PS1812 Module
Foundations of Forensic Psychology Practice PS7950 Module
Gender, Sexuality and the Bible RT2520 Module
Gender, Sexuality and the Bible RT3520 Module
Genocide in History and Memory HS3385_HS3386 Module
Genocide Memory and Representation HS7144 Module
Geographic Information Systems AC2006 Module
Geographies of Global Migration and Development GE3907 Module
Geographies of Inequality GE3905 Module
Geographies of the Environment and Development GE2907 Module
Geography and Society GE1906 Module
Geomatics and Remote Sensing AC2901 Module
Global Christianities RT2103 Module
Global environmental change GE2900 Module
Global Governance PO2303 Module
Global Political Economy PO2412 Module
Global South: Politics, Inequality and (In)Security PO3607 Module
God, Soul and World in Early-Modern Thought RT1511 Module
Great Christian Thinkers RT1506 Module
Great Christian Thinkers RT1513 Module
Great Theological Minds RT1500 Module
Health Psychology PS3829 Module
Hegel, Marx and Dialectical Thought PPE2001 Module
Hinduism and Modernity RT2508_RT3508 Module
History of Anthropology ANT1002 Module
Human Bioarchaeology AC2904 Module
Human Skeletal Anatomy and Fundamentals of Skeletal Analysis AC7943 Module
Imagining Islam RT2104_RT3124 Module
Imperial Japan 1868-1937 HS2605 Module
Indigenous Religions RT2505_RT3505 Module
Inter-War Britain HS3370 Module
Inter-war Britain: Culture and Society HS3371 Module
International Law PO2405 Module
Introduction to Archaeological Science AC1902 Module
Introduction to Archaeological Theory AC2921 Module
Introduction to Biological Anthropology ANT1001 Module
Introduction to British Politics PO1205 Module
Introduction to Classical Art and Architecture AC1904 Module
Introduction to Classical Literature and Language CL1000 Module
Introduction to Classical Philosophy RT1512 Module
Introduction to Classical Philosophy CL1001 Module
Introduction to Cultural Heritage AC7900 Module
Introduction to Geographical Research and Fieldwork GE1902 Module
Introduction to Global Political Economy PO1202 Module
Introduction to Global Politics and Political Philosophy PO1103_RT1507 Module
Introduction to Greek Classical Theatre CL1002 Module
Introduction to International Relations PO1104 Module
Introduction to Material Culture AC1907 Module
Introduction to Politics and Global Studies 2 PO1201 Module
Introduction to Politics and Global Studies I PO1101 Module
Introduction to Primate and Human Evolution ANT1003 Module
Introduction to Psychological Disorders PS1805 Module
Introduction to Psychology PS1814 Module
Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics PS1811 Module
Introduction to Social Anthropology ANT1000 Module
Investigative Leadership and Management in Policing CR7953 Module
Investigative Psychology PS7951 Module
Japan at War HS3329 Module
Joining the Conversation RT1510 Module
Judaism in the Contemporary World RT3501 Module
Judaism in the Contemporary World RT2501 Module
Kant and the Copernican Revolution RT2127 Module
Late Medieval Demography HS7137 Module
Later Prehistoric Europe AC2012 Module
Later Prehistoric Wessex AC3041 Module
Living Religions: Hinduism and Buddhism RT1508 Module
Local Environment Change GE1903 Module
Managing Geographical Issues GE1905 Module
Maritime Archaeology AC3920_AC7948 Module
Media and Communication SO2906 Module
Medicine and Society in Southern England 1550-1700 HS7124 Module
Medieval Archaeology AC2915 Module
Medieval Hostages HS3734A_B Module
Medieval Travellers (10th - 14th Centuries) HS3731A Module
Mediterranean Fascism HS3710 Module
Mental Health and Illness HS3740B Module
Minoans and Mycenaeans: The Greek Bronze Age AC3923 Module
Minorities in the Past HS3706B Module
Modern Europe HS1061 Module
Nature of Geography GE3906 Module
New Agenda Setters PO1206 Module
New and Alternative Religions RT2521_RT3521 Module
Occupied Japan (1945-1952) HS3330 Module
Palaeopathology AC7944 Module
People and Place GE1900 Module
Perspectives in Psychology PS1806 Module
Perspectives on the Past, Part I and II HS1107_HS1108 Module
Phenomenology and Existentialism PPE3000 Module
Placement in Animal Welfare and Society AW3000 Module
Police and Police Work CR1003 Module
Policing Society CR3001 Module
Political Leadership and Communication PO2409 Module
Political Violence in 20th C Europe HS2908 Module
Politics, Energy and the Environment PO3601 Module
Portrayals of Crime and Deviance CR1004 Module
Post-Carolingian Rulership HS2705 Module
Poverty in Southern England c.1770-c.1870 HS7108 Module
Practical Skills in Forensic Science FR2006 Module
Principles of Micro and Macroeconomics PPE1004 Module
Psychology in Contemporary Society PS1810 Module
Psychology in the Workplace PS3826 Module
Psychology, Crime and the Criminal Justice System PS3823 Module
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods PS2813 Module
Radical Christian Texts RT2529_RT3529 Module
Reading and Writing History HS1101 Module
Reading Critics of Human Rights PO1204 Module
Religion and Ethics/Introduction to Ethics and Values in the Modern World RT1503_PPE1003 Module
Religion and Material Culture RT7305 Module
Religion and Peacebuilding RT7905DL Module
Religion in Contemporary Britain RT2525 Module
Religion in Contemporary Britain RT3525 Module
Religion, Ethics and War RT2524_RT3524 Module
Religion, Ritual and Society RT3504 Module
Religion, Ritual and Society RT2504 Module
Representing the Environment GE3900 Module
Research Methods ANT2001 Module
Research Methods RT7122DL Module
Research Methods FR2005 Module
Research Methods in Psychology PS7956 Module
Revolutionary Russia HS2609 Module
Roman Britain AC2013 Module
Ruling England in the Second Viking Age HS3397_HS3398 Module
Science and Theology RT2509 Module
Science and Theology RT3509 Module
Security Studies Theory and Practice PO2408 Module
Sisterhood - Before and After: Feminism in Twentieth Century Britain HS2907 Module
SO1901 Identity, Equality and Diversity SO1901 Module
Social Policy SO1903 Module
Societies at War: England and France, 1189-1529 HS2707 Module
Society and Individual Differences PS2815 Module
Society, Culture and Everyday Life in Soviet Russia HS3365 Module
Society, Culture and Everyday Life in Soviet Russia, 1953-1985 HS3366 Module
Society, politics and prejudice PS3825 Module
Sociological Research SO2904 Module
Sociology of the Family SO1904 Module
Special Skills in Treatment and Interventions PS7953 Module
Specialism in Religion RT3512 Module
Supernatural and Witchcraft Beliefs in the British Isles, Continental Europe, and America HS3702 Module
Teaching Geography GE2904 Module
Thatcher's Britain HS7151 Module
The American South HS2607 Module
The Archaeology of the Historic Period AC1900 Module
The Archaeology of Winchester AC3044_AC7924 Module
The Celts AC3012_AC7103 Module
The Church and Politics RT2517_RT3517 Module
The Criminal Justice System and the Legal Framework PS7955 Module
The Crusades HS2706 Module
The Culture of Neoclassicism CL2003 Module
The Fifteen Year War and Public Memory in Postwar Japan HS7119 Module
The Global Hispanic World (1760s to 1960s) HS2082A Module
The Golden Age of Spain HS2401 Module
The Greek World AC2050 Module
The Lives of Greek and Roman Poets HS7152 Module
The Many Faces of Jesus RT2513_RT3513 Module
The Middle Ages in Computer Games HS3739 Module
The Modern American Presidency PO2410 Module
The Pastoral Care of the Dying and Bereaved RT7007DL Module
The Pax Romana: Flavians and Five Good Emperors (AD 69-180) HS3374 Module
The Pax Romana: The Julio-Claudians (27 BC- AD 69) HS3373 Module
The Politics of Food Production, Distribution and Consumption: Development and Challenges PO3608 Module
The Reign of King John HS2311 Module
The Renaissance Court HS2803 Module
The Rise Of The High Speed Society (18th-20th Centuries) HS2902 Module
The Symposium: Ancient Greek Drinking Culture HS2701 Module
The Theology, Philosophy and Ethics of Death RT7006DL Module
The USSR after Stalin, 1953-1964 HS3423 Module
The USSR after Stalin, 1964-1985 HS3424 Module
The Wars Of The Roses: The First Phase, 1450-1461 HS3315 Module
The Wars of the Roses: The Later Phases 1461-1499 HS3316 Module
Themes in Social Anthropology ANT1004 Module
Theology and Scripture RT3117 Module
Topics in Educational Psychology PS3808 Module
Tudor Rebellions HS7139 Module
Undergraduate Psychology PS0000 Module
Understanding Christianity RT1502 Module
Understanding ethics and religion RT1101 Module
Understanding Religions 2 RT1105 Module
Uniting the Kingdom? HS1057 Module
US Politics and Society PO1203 Module
Volunteering AW2999 Module
War Crime Trials and Memories of War: Japan and Germany HS3713A Module
War on Terror and the Axis of Evil and Beyond PO2402B Module
Women Worthies HS7140 Module
World Prehistory AC1901 Module
Writing Authority in the Anglo-Norman Civil War HS7153 Module
Writing History HS3103 Module

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