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Name Code Type
AC1900 The Archaeology of the Historic period AC1900 Module
AC1901 World Prehistory AC1901 Module
AC1902 Introduction to archaeological science AC1902 Module
AC2046 Archaeology of Death AC2046 Module
AC2918 Archaeological/Geographical science project AC2918 Module
AC2921 Introduction to Archaeological Theory AC2921 Module
AC3044/AC7924 The Archaeology of Winchester AC3044AC7924 Module
Archaeology ARC Department
AW1000 Introduction to Animal Welfare and Society AW1000 Module
AW1002 Animal Behaviour and Welfare Issues AW1002 Module
AW7001 Animal interests, capacities and ethical considerations AW7001 Module
AW7004 Research Preparation and Development AW7004 Module
Comparative Study: The Monstrous Regiment HS3723 Module
CR1003 Police and Police Work CR1003 Module
CR1004 Portrayals of Crime and Deviance CR1004 Module
CR2000 Criminology Theories CR2000 Module
CR2005 Criminological Psychology CR2005 Module
CR2006 Applied Techniques: Forensic Archaeology CR2006 Module
CR3000A Employability CR3000A Module
CR3001 Policing Society CR3001 Module
CR7953 Investigative Leadership and Management in Policing CR7953 Module
Depth Study: The Italian Wars 1494-1519 HS3375 Module
FR1000 Introduction to Forensic Science FR1000 Module
FR1001 Academic and employment skills FR1001 Module
FR1002 A history of forensic science FR1002 Module
FR2003 Fakes and Forgeries FR2003 Module
FR2004 Forensic Archaeology FR2004 Module
FR2005 Research Methods FR2005 Module
FR3002 Dissertation FR3002 Module
FR3005 Forensic Psychology FR3005 Module
GE2900 Global environmental change GE2900 Module
HE7001 Curriculum Design in Higher Education HE7001 Module
History HIS Department
HS1055 Barbarians, Byzantines and Beyond HS1055 Module
HS1057 Uniting the Kingdom? HS1057 Module
HS1058 Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century, 1789-1914 HS1058 Module
HS1101: Mandatory Module: Reading and Writing History HS1101 Module
HS2082A The Global Hispanic World (1760s to 1960s) HS2082A Module
HS2084 Byzantium in the Age of Justinian and Theodora HS2084 Module
HS2119 The Rise and Fall of Soviet Communism HS2119 Module
HS2148 The Renaissance Court HS2148 Module
HS2150 Food and Drink in Medieval and Early Modern England HS2150 Module
HS2153 Political Violence in 20th C Europe HS2153 Module
HS2158 Atlantic World HS2158 Module
HS2159 War as a Life Experience (18th to 20th centuries) HS2159 Module
HS2607 The American South HS2607 Module
HS2801 Food and Drink in Medieval and Early Modern England HS2801 Module
HS3329 Japan at War HS3329 Module
HS3330 Occupied Japan (1945-1952) HS3330 Module
HS3366 Society, Culture and Everyday Life in Soviet Russia, 1953-1985 HS3366 Module
HS3382 Life In Early Modern London II HS3382 Module
HS3702B Supernatural and Witchcraft Beliefs in the British Isles, Continental Europe, and America, c.1450-c.1800 HS3702B Module
HS3710 Mediterranean Fascism HS3710 Module
HS3713A War Crime Trials and Memories of War: Japan and Germany HS3713A Module
HS3725B Health, Disease and Society in Early Modern Europe HS3725B Module
HS3729B- Borderlands and commodities in History HS3729B Module
HS3731A Medieval travellers HS3731A Module
HS7124 Medicine and Society in Southern England 1550-1700 HS7124 Module
HS7140 Women Worthies HS7140 Module
Minoans & Mycenaeans: The Greek Bronze Age AC3923 Module
PO1101 Introduction to Politics and Global Studies I PO1101 Module
PO1201 Introduction to politics and global studies 2 PO1201 Module
PO1202 Introduction to Global Political Economy PO1202 Module
PO1203 US Politics and Society PO1203 Module
PO1204 Reading Critics of Human Rights PO1204 Module
PO2402B War on Terror and the Axis of Evil and Beyond PO2402B Module
PO2405 International Law PO2405 Module
PO2408 Security Studies Theory and Practice PO2408 Module
PO3601 Politics, Energy and the Environment PO3601 Module
PO3604 - Yr 3 China: 21st Century Challenges PO3604 Module
PO3605 Case Study in Political, Philosophy : conservatism PO3605 Module
PPE1000 S1 Introduction to Classical Philosophy PPE1000 Module
PPE3000 Phenomenology and Existentialism PPE3000 Module
PS1809 Applied Psychology Skills for Career Development PS1809 Module
PS1811 Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics PS1811 Module
PS1812 Foundations in Psychology PS1812 Module
PS2811 Brain Behaviour and Cognition PS2811 Module
PS3823 Psychology, Crime and the Criminal Justice System PS3823 Module
PS3826 Psychology in the Workplace PS3826 Module
PS3827 Evolutionary Psychology and Human Nature PS3827 Module
PS3828 Eyewitness Psychology PS3828 Module
PS3829 Health Psychology PS3829 Module
PS3901 Empirical Project for Graduate Diploma PS3901 Module
PS7950 Foundations of Forensic Psychology Practice PS7950 Module
PS7955 The Criminal Justice System and the Legal Framework PS7955 Module
PS7956 Research Methods in Psychology PS7956 Module
Psychology PSY Department
RT1105 Understanding Religions 2 RT1105 Module
RT1501 Living Religions RT1501 Module
RT1503 Ethics and Religion RT1503 Module
RT2103 Global Christianities RT2103 Module
RT2104/RT3124 Imagining Islam RT2104 Module
RT2107 Faith and Globalisation RT2107 Module
RT2501 Judaism in the Contemporary World RT2501 Module
RT2503 Bible in Contemporary Culture RT2503 Module
RT2505 / RT3505 Indigenous Religions RT2505 Module
RT3501 Judaism in the Contemporary World RT3501 Module
RT3503 Bible and Contemporary Culture RT3503 Module
RT3512 Specialism in Religion: Mapping Mortality RT3512 Module
RT7004DL Death in World Religions RT7004DL Module
RT7224 Philosophical approaches to mourning and eulogy RT7224 Module
SO1901 Identity, Equality and Diversity SO1901 Module
SO1902 Developing academic skills SO1902 Module
SO1904 Sociology of the Family SO1904 Module
SO2904 Sociological Research SO2904 Module
SO2906 Media and Communication SO2906 Module
Sociology SOC Department
The Golden Age of Spain HS2401 Module
Theology and Religious Studies TRS Department

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