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Name Code Type
Academic and Employability Skills CY1804A Module
Animal Behaviour and Psychological States AW7003DL Module
Animal Behaviour and Welfare Issues AW1002 Module
Animal Interests, Capacities and Ethical Considerations AW7001DL Module
Animal Welfare Concepts and Assessment AW2002 Module
Animal Welfare Issues I AW7002DL Module
Animal Welfare Issues II AW7005DL Module
Animal Welfare Law and Policy AW2001 Module
Animals and Alternatives within Research and Education AW3004 Module
Animals and Society AW7000DL Module
Applied Animal Behaviour AW3001 Module
Applied Coaching Science SP3334 Module
Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise SP7012A Module
Building the Sports Brand SP2401 Module
Children and Young People in Transition CY2803 Module
Children and Young People's Mental Health CY3812 Module
Coaching Science SP2331 Module
Commercial Influences in Global Sport SP7005 Module
Communicating with Individuals and Groups CY1806 Module
Communication: Working with Service Users SW1005 Module
Community and Community Development CY1807 Module
Community Coaching Practice SP2332 Module
Community Sport Development SP2330 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sports Marketing SP3401 Module
Contemporary Issues in the Management of Sport SP3314 Module
Critical Issues in Sports Coaching SP3333 Module
Critical Reflection and Review of Outcomes of Practice SW7105 Module
CY3803 Safeguarding Children and Young People CY3803 Module
Development in Childhood and Adolescence CY1800 Module
Dissertation SP3300 Module
Dissertation SC3002 Module
Early Years Curriculum CY2807 Module
Elite Sports Development SP3331 Module
Foundations of Sport and Exercise Biomechanics SP1401 Module
Foundations of Sport and Exercise Physiology SP1402 Module
Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology SP1403 Module
Foundations of Sports Business and Marketing SP1408 Module
Foundations of Sports Coaching SP1406 Module
Foundations of Sports Development SP1405 Module
Health and Care of Young Children CY2805 Module
Health Promotion CY1803 Module
Improving Practice: Curriculum ME7002 Module
Inclusion and Exclusion in Education CY2802 Module
Individual Practitioner Based Enquiry ME7008 Module
Inter-professional Practice CY2800A Module
International Perspectives in Early Childhood CY2815 Module
Interprofessional Studies IPS Department
Introduction to Animal Welfare and Society AW1000 Module
Introduction to Law, Ethics and Social Policy SW1001 Module
Introduction to Research and Fieldwork AW1003 Module
Introduction to Research Methods SP1400 Module
Introduction to Social Work with Families and Adults SW7102 Module
Introduction to Sociological Perspectives: Identity, Equality, Diversity and Values SW1002 Module
Introduction to Sport, Culture and Society SP1404 Module
Introduction to the Science of Coaching SP1407 Module
Key Resources in the Development of Sport SP2329 Module
Law and Ethics SC3006 Module
Learning Contexts CY1801 Module
Outdoor Education CY3813 Module
Parents and Carers CY3807 Module
PG Dip Social Work STEPUP Module
Physiology of Exercise and Health SP3323 Module
Physiology of Sport Performance SP2325 Module
Planning for Sports Organisations SP2402 Module
Plant Nutrition EXT1001 Module
Postgraduate Certificate for New GP Trainers - Stage 2 ME7007 Module
Postgraduate Certificate for Prospective GP Trainers - Stage 1 ME7006 Module
Practitioner Research ME7003 Module
Preparing for Professional Practice CY3814 Module
Professional Education and Development ME7000 Module
Psychology in Practice SP7014 Module
Psychology of Exercise and Health SP3326 Module
Regarding Animals AW1001 Module
Research Methods SP7000 Module
Research Methods in Sport and Exercise SP2321 Module
Research Preparation and Development AW7004DL Module
Researching Risk and Animals AW2003 Module
Social Work Methods and Interventions SW7207 Module
Sociology of Sport SP2328 Module
Sport and Exercise Biomechanics 1 SP2323 Module
Sport and Exercise Biomechanics 2 SP3320 Module
Sport and Exercise Psychology Principles SP7015 Module
Sport and Global issues SP3330 Module
Sport and Performance Psychology SP7016 Module
Sport and Performance Psychology SP2322 Module
Sport and Society: Theoretical Approaches SP7003 Module
Sports Sponsorship SP3402 Module
Sports Studies SPO Department
Strength, Conditioning and Fitness SP1410 Module
Study Abroad (Sport) SP3319 Module
The Legal and Professional Knowledge Base of Social Work SW2001 Module
The Legal and Professional Knowledge Base of Social Work SW7501 Module
The Political Representation of Animals AW3006 Module
Theorising the Animal AW2000 Module
Understanding Inequalities CY1802 Module
Volunteering in Health and Social Care SC2999 Module
Working with Young People CY2812 Module
Young Parents CY3806 Module

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