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  1. Week 1 5 items
    This week we will be looking at Winchester Cathedral Library and the Winchester Bible.
    1. Winchester Cathedral Library - Frederick Bussby 1975

      Book Essential Though small, this book is a very useful introduction to the history of Winchester Cathedral Library.

    2. Morley, George (1598?-1684) - John Spurr

      Chapter Recommended Bishop Morley was a major donor to the Cathedral Library.

    3. Winchester - Michael Till, Jill Bentley 1997

      Book Recommended

    4. The cost of doing scribal business - Overty, Joanne Filippone 2008

      Article Recommended

  2. Week 2 7 items
    This week is all about librarianship.
    1. Powerspeak: the complete guide to public speaking and presentation - Dorothy Leeds 1989, c1988

      Book Essential

    2. The Winchester Bible 4 items
      1. The Winchester Bible - Claire Donovan, British Library, Winchester Cathedral c1993

        Book Essential

      2. The two Winchester Bibles - Walter Oakeshott 1981

        Book Recommended This book is enormous, but is well worth a look.

      3. Blois, Henry de (c. 1096–1171), bishop of Winchester - Edmund King

        Chapter Recommended Probably the sponsor of the Winchester Bible, Henry of Blois was certainly the Bishop of Winchester at the time of its creation.

      4. Britain’s Most Historic Towns: Norman Winchester Saturday, 13 Oct 2018

        Audio-visual document Background Take the comment about "a team of scribes" working on the Winchester Bible with a pinch of salt!

  3. Week 3: 2 items
    Baking - just for light relief!
    1. Great British Bake Off: Celebrations: With recipes from the 2015 series 30 July 2015

      Book Essential Book not in stock

    2. Daddy Long Legs | Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company - Stephen Mlinarcik, fl. 2009Stephen Mlinarcik, 2017

      Audio-visual document Essential