1. Core Texts 2 items
    1. Complete psychology - Graham Davey, I. Albery, Graham Davey 2008

      Book Essential We recommend that you purchase this text book. It is essential that you read the chapters in the schedule to prepare for lectures and to prepare for your assessments.

    2. Writing for psychology - Mark L. Mitchell, Janina M. Jolley, Robert P. O'Shea 2013

      Book Essential This book is an essential reference for the study skills lectures and seminars in Semester 1 and for your essay assignments.

  2. Recommended Texts 2 items
    1. Critical thinking skills: effective analysis, argument and reflection - Stella Cottrell 2017

      Book Recommended Previous editions are also available from the library

    2. Critical Thinking for Psychology - Mark Forshaw 2012

      Book Recommended

  3. Additional Study Skills Reading 2 items
    1. Concise rules of APA style - American Psychological Association c2010


  4. Semester 1 40 items
    1. Week 1 Lecture 2 items
    2. Week 2 Lecture 4 items
    3. Week 3 Lecture 4 items
    4. Week 3 Practical Workshops 5 items
      1. Unidentified scan goes here!

    5. Week 3 and 4 Study Skills Lectures 1 item
      1. Chapter 4 Writing for psychology

        Chapter Essential Read Chapter 4: Finding, reading, citing and referencing sources

    6. Week 4 Lecture 2 items
    7. Week 5 Lecture 1 item
    8. Week 7 Lecture 5 items
      1. The Schwann Cell and Action Potential 25/6/2009

        Audio-visual document Recommended Action potentials in more detail

      2. Mouse Party

        Webpage Recommended See the effect of different drugs on neurotransmitters

    9. Week 8 Lecture 8 items
      1. Maturation of action monitoring from adolescence to adulthood: an ERP study - Alexandra M. Hogan, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem, Fenella J. Kirkham, Torsten Baldeweg 11/2005

        Article Essential

      2. The Human Brain Project - Human Brain Project

        Website Recommended Aims to develop the technology needed to create a computer simulation of the brain.

      3. Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain (FMRIB) — NDCN

        Webpage Recommended Excellent site for all things brain and MRI related.

      4. Chapter 3 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Function

        Webpage Recommended Brain structures and imaging techniques.

      5. Future trends in Neuroimaging: Neural processes as expressed within real-life contexts - Uri Hasson, Christopher J. Honey 08/2012

        Article  For a recent overview of fMRI research.

    10. Week 8 Study Skills Lecture 1 item
      1. Chapters 1, 2, and 6. "What Every Student Should Know About Writing Psychology Papers", "Writing Essays and Term Papers", and "Writing the Wrongs: How to Avoid Gruesome Grammar, Putrid Punctuation, and Saggy Style".

        Chapter Essential Read the following chapters: Chapter 1: What every student should know about writing psychology papers Chapter 2: Writing essays and term papers Chapter 6: Writing the wrongs: How to avoid gruesome grammar, putrid punctuation, and saggy style

    11. Week 9 Lecture 2 items
    12. Week 10 Lecture 2 items
    13. Week 10 or 11 Study Skills Workshop 1 item
      1. Chapter 5. "Making your case: A guide to sceptical reading and logical writing".

        Chapter Essential Read Chapter 5: Making your case: A guide to sceptical reading and logical writing

    14. Week 11 Lecture 1 item
    15. Week 12 Lecture 1 item
  5. Semester 2 19 items
    1. Week 1 Lecture 1 item
    2. Week 2 Lecture 5 items
      1. Children's Memory Reports over Time: Getting Both Better and Worse - Peterson, Carole 2011

        Article Background An example of a cross-sectional and longitudinal study (sequential)

      2. The development of children’s early memory skills - Haden, Catherine A; 2011

        Article Background An example of a longitudinal study

    3. Week 3 Lecture 4 items
      1. Prenatal maternal stress, fetal programming, and mechanisms underlying later psychopathology-A global perspective - Vicette Glover, Kieran J O'Donell, Thomas G O'Connor, Jane Fisher 2018

        Article Background Relevant for the essay on maternal stress

      2. Maternal Psychological Distress during Pregnancy in Relation to Child Development at Age Two - Janet A. DiPietro, Matthew F. S. X. Novak, Kathleen A. Costigan, Lara D. Atella 2006

        Article Background Relevant for the essay on maternal stress

      3. Prenatal maternal stress and child iq - Andrea P. Cortes Hidalgo, Alexander Neumann, Marian J. Bakerman-Kranenburg, Vincent W. V. Jaddoe 2018

        Article Background Relevant for the essay on maternal stress

    4. Week 4 Lecture 4 items
      1. Attachment Theory and Fathers: Moving From 'Being There' to 'Being With' - Palm, Glen 2014

        Article Background Relevant for the essay on attachment

    5. Week 5 Lecture 1 item
    6. Week 7 Lecture 1 item
    7. Week 8 Lecture 1 item
    8. Week 9 Lecture 1 item
    9. Week 10 Lecture 1 item
  6. Additional Reading 5 items
    The following readings may be drawn upon to supplement your background understanding of the module content.
    1. Social psychology - Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, Robin M. Akert, Samuel R. Sommers 2016

      Book  Earlier editions are also available from the library

    2. Foundations of behavioral neuroscience - Neil R. Carlson 2014


    3. Themes, issues and debates in psychology - Richard D. Gross 2009

      Book  eBook is 4th edition

    4. Personality, individual differences and intelligence - John Maltby, Liz Day, Ann Macaskill 2017


    5. How children develop - Robert S. Siegler 2017

      Book  Earlier editions are also available from the library