1. Semester 1 41 items
    1. Week 1: Academic Skills 1 1 item
      1. No set reading.

    2. Week 2: Introduction to law 3 items
      1. An introduction to the law, the legal system, legal profession, courts and judiciary.


    3. Week 3: The development of animal protection law 4 items
      1. A historical examination of how attitudes to animals have changed from ancient times to the modern day and how this has shaped the development of law and policy relating to animals.

      2. Chapters 1 to 4. 'To guard and Protect', 'A Great Revolution', 'The First legislation', and 'Extending Protection'.

        Chapter Essential Read Chapters 1 to 4, pages 3-95

    4. Week 4: The status of animals in law and legal rights 9 items
      1. We consider the legal status of animals and the practical and legal consequences of recognizing animals as sentient beings.

        We also examine the arguments for and against affording animals legal personality.'

      2. Chapter 6

        Chapter Essential Chapter 6 'Animals as subjects: an all inclusive legal regime

      3. The Case against Rights for Animals - David R. Schmahmann, Lori J. Polacheck 1995

        Article Recommended

    5. Week 5: Animals and legal personhood 11 items
      1. Discussion about the case for personhood and other models for granting legal rights to animals.

      2. Rattling the cage: toward legal rights for animals - Steven M. Wise 2014

        Book Background

    6. Week 6: How law is made: the role of Parliament 3 items
      10 minute Power Point presentations by each student.
      1. Considering the role of Parliament in making law, including Parliamentary processes and checks and balances; the passage of a bill and the role of Committees.

    7. Week 7: Power Point presentations 0 items
    8. Week 8: Constitutional checks on the exercise of public power 3 items
      1. An examination of factors that keep in check the powers of the executive and public bodies, we consider:

        (1) Judicial review as an important constitutional check on the power of the executive, public bodies and others exercising public power. We look at the supervisory role of the courts and how they have impacted - and have the potential to impact - upon the protection of animal interests.

        (2) the importance of the Human Rights Act 1998 and how it can indirectly affect animal interests, including the rights of people who defend those interests.

      2. Chapter 5

        Chapter  Chapter 5 - Animals, the Constitution and Private Law

    9. Week 9: Seminar - the passage of a bill 1 item
      1. We will consider the passage of a current piece of animal protection legislation; examining factors (within and external to Parliament) influencing content. We will also consider factors leading to the Government adoptng this piece of legislation.

    10. Week 10: Sources of law: EU law and Brexit 4 items
      1. Parliament has chosen to limit its sovereignty in decision making by signing up to various international treaties. Arguably one of the most important (and recently most controversial) of these are the treaties establishing the European Union and the laws made by it. We ask how are these laws made and what influence have they had on animal protection in the UK and other EU countries. 

        We also examine other important treaties and compare their influence and impact on animal protection.  

    11. Week 11: The Council of Europe: human rights and animal protection 1 item
      1. We will consider the role of the Council of Europe, the European Convention on Human Rights and the implications of this treaty for animal protection.

    12. Week 12: Seminar - revision 1 item
      1. A chance to recap on the topics covered this semester and reflect on key issues and concepts.

  2. Additional reading 0 items
  3. Semester 2 50 items

    2. Week 1: The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (Part 1) 8 items
      We examine the structure of the Animal Welfare Act, its scope and application
      1. Part of chapter 1. 'Animals and the Law: The basics'.

        Chapter Essential Read Chapter 1: Anti-cruelty laws. Focus on pages 26-27.

    3. Week 2: The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (Part 2) 1 item
    4. Week 3: Licensing animal activities 6 items
      1. pages 90-91

        Chapter Recommended Schaffner, pages 90-91

      2. Chapter 12

        Chapter Recommended Radford, chapter 12, pages 289 – 306

      3. Licensed Dog Breeding in Great Britain - Battersea Dogs & Cats Home 2015

        Document Recommended

    5. Week 4: Dog law 5 items
      1. Considering the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (as amended) and related law relating to dog control.

      2. Chapters 8 to 19.

        Chapter Background pages 142 - 154 (BSL); and pages 155-273

      3. Chapter 14. "Enforcement".

        Chapter Recommended

    6. Week 5: Breed specific legislation 2 items
      Further debate and discussion around breed specific legislation. An opportunity to recap and extend our learning about the topics covered this term relating to companion animals and animals under the control of humans.
      1. Dangerous Dogs: Breed Specific Legislation inquiry

        Webpage Recommended Link to Parliament page relevant to EFRA inquiry (2018) on Breed Specific Legislation

      2. Striking the balance: The Dangerous Dogs Act, Dog; dog welfare and protection - Gareth Spark

        Article Essential PDF is of the whole journal, scroll down to the correct article.

    7. Week 6: The law regulating the use of animals for research purposes 7 items
      1. Victims of science: the use of animals in research - Richard D. Ryder 1983

        Book Background

      2. The cruel deception: the use of animals in medical research - Robert Sharpe 1988

        Book Background

      3. This seminar examines the legislation regulating the use of animals for research purposes and key institutions responsible for policy making and accountability in this area.

    8. Week 7: Farm animal welfare - on farm, transport 5 items
      1. Chapters 11 and 13

        Chapter Recommended

    9. Week 8: Farm animal welfare, part 2: slaughter 2 items
    10. Week 9: wildlife protection 4 items
      We consider the legal protection of wildlife, including the Hunting Act and other legislation.
      1. Wildlife Law Report - Law Commission

        Webpage Background

      2. Wildlife Law Report: Summary - Law Commission

        Document Recommended Link to a summary of the Law Commission wildlife report

      3. The Hunting Act 2004 - The Crown Prosecution Service

        Document Background

    11. Week 10: Wildlife protection and preservation 6 items
      We consider international and domestic provisions for species protection.
    12. Week 11: Trade and animal welfare 3 items
      An examination of the trade in animals and animal parts; policy and legal issues surrounding the restriction of imports on welfare grounds.
      1. Farm-Animal Welfare, Legislation, and Trade - Gaverick Matheny, Cheryl Leahy 2007

        Article Background

    13. Week 12: Seminar 0 items
  4. . 3 items
    1. Explanatory Notes to Animal Welfare Act 2006 - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2006