1. Media/Discourse General Texts 6 items
    1. Media Discourse - Mary Talbot 2007

      Book Recommended

    2. Digital discourse: language in the new media - Crispin Thurlow, Kristine R. Mroczek 2011

      Book Recommended 2011 is a relatively long time ago in terms of social media, but used critically with reference to contemporary examples of your own, this is a useful book for inspiration for your blogs.

    3. Narratives online: shared stories in social media - Ruth E. Page 2018 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    4. The discourse of news values: how news organizations create 'newsworthiness' - Monika Bednarek, Helen Caple 2017

      Book Recommended

  2. #MeToo and Beyond 3 items
  3. Education, Education, Education 0 items
  4. Dis/Ability 0 items
  5. Local, Regional, National, Global? 2 items
    1. Global media discourse: a critical introduction - David Machin, Theo Van Leeuwen c2007


  6. Crime, justice and the media - Ian Marsh, Gaynor Melville 2008 (electronic resource)

    Book Background