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  1. Core texts 3 items
    These texts contain useful sections on a variety of methods and considerations in anthropological research, and these will be drawn on throughout the module.
    1. Ethnographic methods - Karen O'Reilly 2012

      Book Essential

  2. Week 2 readings: Methods and dissertations in social anthropology 2 items
    1. Chapter 2. "Where to begin".

      Chapter Background Chapter 2 'Where to Begin' to p. 48 (upt to section on 'Philosophies') - background reading

    2. Chapter 5. "Into the Community". - Lodewijk Brunt

      Chapter Essential DISCUSSION READING WEEK 2 - Chapter 5 'Into the Community'

  3. Week 4 readings: Ethics in Anthropological Research 5 items
    1. Chapter 3. "Ethical ethnography".

      Chapter Background Chapter 3, 'Ethical Ethnography' (background reading)

    2. Chapter 23. "The Ethics of Ethnography". - Elizabeth Murphy, Robert Dingwall

      Chapter Essential For seminar discussion: Murphy and Dingwall, Chapter 23, ‘The Ethics of Ethnography’ (p. 339-351)

    3. Confronting Anthropological Ethics: Ethnographic Lessons from Central America - Philippe Bourgois February 1990

      Article Essential For seminar discussion

    4. Chapter 8. "Cultural artifacts: a question of ownership".

      Chapter Essential For seminar discussion: Chapter 8, Cultural Artefacts: A Question of Ownership, p. 191-214

    5. Ethics in biological anthropology - Trudy R. Turner, Jennifer K. Wagner, Graciela S. Cabana 04/2018

      Article Essential For seminar discussion

  4. Week 5 readings: Social anthropology methods 1 2 items
    1. Chapter 4. "Participating and observing".

      Chapter Background Chapter 4, Participating and Observing - background reading

    2. Chapter 24. "Participant Observation and Fieldbotes". - Robert M. Emerson, Rachel I. Fretz, Linda Shaw

      Chapter Background Chapter 24, Participant Observation and Fieldnotes (background reading)

  5. Week 6 readings: Social Anthropology methods 2 2 items
    1. Chapter 5 and 6. "Interviewing: asking questions of individuals and groups", and "Practical issues in interviewing

      Chapter Background Chapters 5 and 6 (background reading)

    2. Chapter 25. "Ethnographic Interviewing". - Barbara Sherman Heyl

      Chapter Background Chapter 25, Ethnographic Interviewing (background reading)

  6. Week 8 readings: Qualitative Data Analysis 2 items
    1. Chapter 8. "Ethnographic analysis: from writing down to writing up".

      Chapter Background Chapter 8, Ethnographic Analysis (background reading)

  7. Week 11 readings: Writing an Anthropological Project 1 item
    1. Chapter 9. "Writing, reflexivity and autobiograpghy".

      Chapter Background Chapter 9, 'Writing and Representation' (background reading)

  8. Further reading 17 items
    These texts contain further information on key methods and topics of the module.
    1. Ethnography: principles in practice - Martyn Hammersley, Paul Atkinson 1995

      Book Recommended

    2. Ethnography: step-by-step - David M. Fetterman c2010

      Book Essential

    3. Ethnography and virtual worlds: a handbook of method - Tom Boellstorff 2012

      Book Recommended

    4. Participant observation: a guide for fieldworkers - Kathleen Musante DeWalt, Billie R. DeWalt c2011

      Book Essential

    5. Writing ethnographic fieldnotes - Robert M. Emerson, Rachel I. Fretz, Linda L. Shaw 2011

      Book Essential

    6. How to read ethnography - Paloma Gay y Blasco, Huon Wardle 2006

      Book Recommended

    7. InterViews: learning the craft of qualitative research interviewing - Svend Brinkmann, Steinar Kvale 2015

      Book Essential

    8. The research interview - Bill Gillham 2000


    9. Interviews in qualitative research - Nigel King, Christine Horrocks, Joanna Brooks 2019

      Book Essential Previous edition is also available from the Library

    10. Doing visual ethnography - Sarah Pink 2013

      Book Recommended

    11. Doing anthropological research: a practical guide - Natalie Konopinski 2013

      Book Essential

    12. Watching closely: a guide to ethnographic observation - Christena E. Nippert-Eng 2015

      Book Recommended

    13. Statistics for anthropology - Lorena Madrigal 2012

      Book Essential

    14. Biological anthropology and ethics: from repatriation to genetic identity - Trudy R. Turner c2005

      Book Essential

  9. Dissertation research and writing guides 2 items
    1. Your undergraduate dissertation: the essential guide for success - Nicholas Walliman 2014

      Book Essential